Our Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Program provides access to proven, industry-leading cybersecurity software with flexible licensing options designed to help you address the different needs of your customers in a rapidly changing marketplace.

OpenText Cybersecurity helps customers effectively reduce risk, preserve trust and minimize disruption. From prevention, detection and response to recovery, investigation and compliance, we help customers build cyber resilience via a holistic security portfolio of smarter and simple solutions delivered through our unified end-to-end platform.

Voltage File Analysis Suite

Your customers probably don’t know where all their proprietary and sensitive customer data live. This is a big security and compliance risk. This SaaS Solution helps you quickly find sensitive data, classify high-risk data, and secure data to minimize privacy risk. You can also identify redundant, out of date and trivial data (ROT data) for analysis and deletion. It can be used continuously or for individual projects.

Fortify On Demand

If your customers- or their suppliers- build custom code, this is a must have. Fortify on Demand is a SaaS Solution that helps you achieve all the advantages of security testing, vulnerability management, tailored expertise, and support without the need for additional infrastructure or resources.

NetIQ Advanced Authentication

Many of your customers have Multi-Factor Authentication- but chances are it only partially covers their platforms and use cases. Or just as bad, they have multiple MFAs, causing an admin nightmare. This SaaS Solution offering provides an elevated level of Multi-Factor Authentication, covering more platforms, more methods (including password-less) and more use cases than competitive products.